5 reasons you need to try Micro-needling for effortless skin

5 reasons you need to try Micro-needling for effortless skin

A woman getting a micro-needling procedure for her acne. You have probably heard of Micro-needling and wondered what it was all about, or maybe you have tried it, but weren’t sure how well it worked or if it was right for you. First, let’s go over precisely what micro-needling is! A Micro-needling pen uses tiny needles to puncture the skin, which causes collagen production and boosts elastin production. This procedure creates tiny channels allowing deeper penetration of active ingredients, such as vitamin C serums and retinol creams. It also causes new collagen production, which can help reduce the appearance of scarring from acne. Despite its name, it doesn’t cause any damage to healthy skin tissue—only in the targeted area where acne scarring appears. Here are 5 reasons you should try micro-needling if you have acne or want to switch up your skincare.

1)Micro-needling encourages collagen production

Micro-needling is a non-invasive procedure in which thin needles are rolled over the skin to create micro-channels and activate the body’s natural healing process. This technique can help diminish scars and encourage collagen production when treating acne, giving your skin a smoother texture and a less irritated look. Collagen is a protein that gives skin its structure, and production slows down with age. The slow down of collagen causes wrinkles and sagging skin, so increasing the amount of collagen can help improve your complexion and give it more plumpness. It also helps with fighting inflammation, so if you have any redness or swelling due to breakouts, micro-needling might help with that too!

2) Mirco-needling can improve the appearance of  acne scars

Micro-needling has been shown to improve the appearance of acne scars and decrease their depth, making them less noticeable and more aesthetically pleasing. This treatment is topical, meaning it does not require any downtime and can be applied before or after makeup application. Treatments usually last from 15 minutes up to an hour depending on the severity of the acne scar being treated. It is a safe procedure that causes minimal discomfort with no downtime.

3) Mirco-needling can unclog pores

If you’ve ever had a problem with large pores, you know that they can get clogged with sebum and even dirt. This leads to a ton of blackheads and acne. Since micro needling stimulates collagen, your pores will shrink in size. Micro-needling can unclog pores and increase circulation, which will help control breakouts. It’s also a great way to reduce scars left behind by acne.

4) It can brighten skin

Microneedles are such a new and innovative way to get youthful skin back and stop breakouts from occurring on a regular basis. It can brighten skin, diminish hyperpigmentation, reduce redness, stimulate collagen production, and plump fine lines. Who knew that a single treatment could provide all of those benefits? We are so excited about how great our clients are looking after just one microneedle session. Now it’s time for you to try this miracle worker and see the results yourself. The treatment also allows more effective absorption of topical products applied to the face. It stimulates blood flow in and around your pores. This helps with healing and rejuvenation, as well as helping you get rid of acne scars faster!

5) Mirco-needling is relatively painless!

Micro-needling is a non-invasive procedure that uses needles to puncture the skin, stimulating collagen growth. It’s not painful in the way you might think. The needles used are very small, and the penetration depth is minimal—only about 0.5 mm. Because of this, there’s little to no bleeding or bruising, and the treatment doesn’t cause pain or discomfort. Micro-needling is not painful because it’s a controlled, pinpointed process. When you get a micro-needling treatment, your functional medicine provider will use a tool that looks like a pen to puncture the skin in tiny dots, which allows the dermis to absorb the product you’re using. This helps your skin cells regenerate and produce collagen more quickly, giving you a smooth, even complexion.


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