Does Covid Cause Hair Loss?

Does Covid Cause Hair Loss?

Whether you sailed through Covid 19 or got hit hard with symptoms, many people have felt that they’re finally on the road to recovery, and then boom! They’re hit with losing what feels like half of their hair. Many women describe it as if they are losing their hair, similar to the way they did after having a baby. 

While there’s some controversy over what exactly about the virus causes hair shedding, the beautiful thing is we have so many tools available to help your hair return to its normal vibrant state.


Why Does Covid Cause Hair Loss? 

First, let’s talk about a few of those reasons WHY your hair might be shedding post-Covid 19.

There is a condition called Telogen Effluvium which is described as a temporary shedding of hair after a major shock to the system. This shock to the system can push the hair follicles into a rest state that precedes the hair falling out. You can lose up to three times the amount of hair that you typically lose on any given day. 

Many people’s hair loss may not start for two to three months after experiencing an infection with Covid 19 because the follicles remain in that resting phase for two to four months before falling out.

Also, many people will regain this hair over time, but much of that depends on the state of your systemic health and oxidative stress (inflammation) heading into the hair loss event.


Other Causes of Hair Loss 

One important thing during this time is to rule out additional potential root causes of hair loss. You’ll want to have your thyroid checked as well as vitamins and minerals, to ensure that you’re not experiencing any deficiencies. Many people can go through a bit of a mental crisis during this time out of fear that the loss won’t stop and that the hair won’t regrow. The good news is, it will stop, and it will grow back. Sometimes the body needs a bit of help in this department and there are a variety of tools we can use to do so.


Treatment for Post-Covid Hair Loss


Microneedling creates mico-incisions in the scalp, which by itself will trigger the body’s healing response. When combined with platelet-rich plasma, prp microneedling induces the regeneration of hair cells. It uses your body’s own activated growth factors to stimulate healing and regeneration at the site of the follicle to stimulate new growth.


Thymosin Beta is a peptide, a chain of amino acids, which improves angiogenesis. This process in the body creates new blood vessels to supply areas of the body with improved blood flow and oxygenation. Some animal studies show that TB-500 increases the proliferation and migration of hair follicle stem cells. 


Collagen is a protein that is a main component of connective tissue. It plays an important role in the human body concerning immune function, tissue growth and repair, and cellular healing and communication. Collagen supports the body’s ability to make the substances needed for healthy hair growth and the production of keratin. 

Not all collagen supplements are created equal, and some popular collagen supplements don’t contain the proper blend for the body to absorb the protein. At Peak Health, we typically suggest CollaGEN by Ortho Molecular Products.  


Biotin is an essential B vitamin that supports the production of keratin. If you are not deficient in biotin, then supplementing it may not improve your hair, but many people are unknowingly deficient, which can make you more susceptible to hair loss and make it more difficult for hair to regrow when lost. Getting a proper lab assessment of your cellular levels of biotin can help determine your nutritional needs.


So many factors can play a role In supporting the structure of hair follicles and their ability to function properly. Adequate amounts of protein and amino acids, adequate amounts of zinc in the system, and adequate iron levels are all important for preventing hair loss and encouraging the proper environment for re-growth. 

In situations where vitamin deficiencies have become so significant that they’re causing hair loss or preventing proper re-growth, it often can take significant time or intervention to really restore these levels and replenish the cells. Vitamin IV therapy can be a quicker way to replenish these vitamins and give your cells the support they need for proper hair growth. Obtaining a lab panel can help you understand where your deficiencies lie and choose the proper replenishment your body needs. 


Work with Peak Health Institute 

At Peak Health Institute, we offer all of these treatment therapies in addition to helping you get to the root cause of your hair loss in the first place. If you experienced hair loss post covid and asked the question, “Does covid cause hair loss?” you are at the right place! Reach out to our functional medicine experts to get started taking charge of your health.