Joint Injection Therapy

Joint Injection Therapy

What is Joint injection therapy

Joint pain has a way of putting a damper on almost every aspect of your life. At Peak Health Institute, we pride ourselves on providing the most advanced, innovative solutions to help you show up fully in your life and feel your best. If you are struggling with a slow-healing injury, decreased mobility, or high levels of pain in your joints, you have options! The joint injection therapies we offer at Peak Health Institute stimulate and support your body’s natural healing processes while taking advantage of the latest science available. If you’re looking for joint injection therapy in Naperville, IL, you’ve come to the right place. Reaching peak performance is possible! Call Peak Health Institute today at (630) 791-9335 to schedule your consultation.

What are joint injections?

If you’re struggling with painful or swollen joints, our injections can help alleviate the localized pain and inflammation so that you can get back to feeling and moving like you used to! The joint injections that we offer stimulate your body’s natural healing response to regenerate joints and tissue and provide much-needed relief from the pain you’re experiencing.

Don’t let joint and back pain control your life

With today’s healthcare advancements, there is no need to allow chronic joint and back pain and inflammation to control your life. You deserve more than that, and we know you can achieve a happier, fuller life without it.

Prolozone therapy

Prolozone therapy speeds up and supports your body’s natural healing process through the use of oxygen in the form of ozone! It is highly successful in the treatment of chronic and acute pain or inflammation. Commonly, Peak Health Institute treats those suffering from:

  • Back pain
  • Joint stiffness
  • Pain from arthritis
  • Degenerated or herniated disks
  • Degeneration and painful major joints

While ozone itself is highly reactive, when utilized under the supervision of our highly trained staff, it is both safe and effective in stimulating your body’s natural healing processes. It is not uncommon to experience some minor pain at the injection site following your injection. However, many patients report significant symptom and pain relief 24-48 hours after your treatment. While the typical course of prolozone therapy treatment involves multiple injections, for some only one injection is needed!

Platelet Rich Plasma Injection

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, sometimes referred to as PRP therapy, is an exciting, safe, and effective therapy. The concentrated platelets and growth factors in PRP are responsible for controlling inflammation and healing, meaning that you’ll experience targeted pain relief in joints, tendons, and ligaments. PRP therapy effectively uses your own blood to amplify and speed up your body’s natural healing process. At Peak Health Institute we use PRP therapy to treat:

  • Tendonitis
  • Joint injuries
  • Torn tendons
  • Pain related to arthritis
  • Connective tissue injuries
  • Muscle and soft-tissue injuries

PRP therapy does require rest post-injection, and the length of time you need to rest is dependent upon your specific injury and location. Your care provider will work with you to determine the length of your recovery. Most patients report relief from symptoms and return to normal function 3 weeks to 3 months after treatment.

PRP Step 1

Collect Blood

PRP Step 2

Seperate the Platelets and extract Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP Step 3

Inject Injured Area with PRP

Ready to get back to feeling your best?

Your care team at Peak Health Institute will work closely with you to determine which injections are right for you. Call (630) 791-9335 to schedule your functional medicine consultation. You can feel your best, and we’re honored to help you reclaim your wellness!

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