Imagine a therapy that can make you feel sharper, more energized, and also slow down and reverse outward signs of aging. It almost sounds too good to be true. Research now shows that when DNA is damaged, it significantly increases the cell’s consumption of NAD+. The more there is, the more the cell can use for repair.


NAD+ plays a critical role in regulating cellular metabolism and energy. This means that at the cellular level, NAD+ is responsible for making sure that old damaged cells are properly eliminated, and creates usable energy that makes you feel vibrant, energized, and focused. With age and disease, our cellular NAD+ is depleted and can leave you feeling tired, foggy, or less than optimal. Not only does it contribute to you feeling this way, it also contributes to looking run down. The speed at which your cells age is exactly what causes outward signs of aging.

By giving the body access to extra NAD+ we improve and optimize this DNA repair process. What causes DNA damage? A combination of things. Some under our control and others a byproduct of the world we live in. Mold toxins, environmental toxins, inflammatory food choices, stress, underlying chronic infections, excessive sun exposure, and viruses.

You might wonder why you can’t just pop a pill to increase your NAD+ levels. The issue is that NAD+ in an oral form has poor bioavailability. This means that with oral consumption, the body isn’t able to do much with it on a cellular level. That said, there are a few specific precursors to NAD+ that can be a helpful part of any treatment plan and can also help you keep your NAD+ levels supported in between infusions. The best absorption and utilization of NAD+ is via intravenous therapy.

One of the impressive benefits of NAD+ therapy is you don’t have to ‘wait for several treatments to start seeing the effects’. The majority of patients see and feel significant benefits of NAD+ therapy after their first or second treatment.


    - Mental fog and short-term memory issues
    - Those suffering from depression or anxiety
    - Chronically fatigued
    - Run down by life stress
    - Neurodegenerative disorders
    - Sports recovery
    - Fertility support
    - Chronically ill CIRS patients
    - Addiction recovery


    - Improved energy
    - Improved mental sharpness and brain regeneration
    - Enhanced muscle stamina and overall athletic performance
    - Improved mood
    - Improved sleep patterns
    - Slows and reverses the signs of aging including reducing fine lines and wrinkles
    - Removes toxins from the body
**Be sure to ask about our anti-aging IV drip. This combines the effects of NAD+ therapy with the mitochondrial healing effects of methylene blue along with other antioxidants that help boost cellular repair**
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