Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is a colorless gas that is made up of 3 oxygen atoms. Compared to the oxygen we breath, where there are only 2 oxygen atoms. Oxygen is the single most important nutrient to humans and is one of the most essential elements needed to sustain life.


You may be familiar with ozone levels being high in our atmosphere, you may think of this as being dangerous. The reality is that ozone is used by the earth as a clean-up mechanism when there are too many toxic chemicals and these chemicals are the real danger. It is true that breathing ozone into the lungs is inflammatory and can be harmful, but ozone administered in any other way into the body can be extremely healing.

Ozone therapy has been used for over 100 years and is commonly used as a healing therapy in Europe. There are professional medical ozone therapy societies in over ten countries worldwide and this number continues to grow as the efficacy of ozone therapy is realized.

When ozone comes in contact with body fluids, there is an increase in the production of red blood cells and proteins. This increases the systemic supply of oxygen in your body.

Ozone therapy creates a mild to moderate oxidative stress in the body. The idea behind this approach is similar to when you exercise. You create small to moderate amounts of trauma to the system in order to stimulate the body’s ability to send healing growth factors to the area of injury and create a healing response. This can be used to activate the immune system against infectious disease, improve cellular utilization of oxygen, release regenerative growth factors in joints and discs, and reduce and eliminate chronic pain. In addition to being an oxidative therapy, ozone can also interfere with the cell wall of bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. For this reason, ozone is especially helpful for patients who experience chronic infections and/or imbalance in their immune system function.
Book an Ozone Therapy Session

    - Those who experience chronic infections and/or imbalance in their immune system function


    - Improved immune system
    - Improved cellular utilization of oxygen
    - Regenerative growth factors in joints and discs
    - Reduce and eliminate chronic pain
At Peak Health Institute, we frequently recommend pairing ozone therapy with UVBI (ultraviolet blood irradiation) as studies show that this increases patient outcomes with ozone therapy. UVBI is beneficial for added anti-inflammatory and anti-infective properties.
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